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Jasmin Hodges


Reflexology is a simple science, dating back thousands of years.  It was used by ancient chinese practitioners.

Reflexology is a safe non-invasive and highly effective way of helping to treat a range of conditions -


•  Migraine

•  Bronchitis

•  Asthma

•  Sinus conditions

•  Constipation

•  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

•  Arthritis

•  High Blood Pressure

•  Swollen Ankles

•  Insomnia

•  and many more conditions.


Reflexology relaxes tensions and reduces the effects of stress and gives the receiver a wonderful sense of well being and improved health.

Reflexology works on the principle that the feet 'mirror' the body and have reflex points that correspond to every organ, function and part of the body.

By applying pressure to these reflex points, any imbalances can be treated, encouraging the body's own healing potential.

The treatment takes 45mins - 1 hour and it is suitable for all age groups, from young babies to the elderly.

The first visit includes a consultation, when medical history will be noted, which is completely confidential.

A course of treatment is recommended for all conditions, which is usually six treatments on a weekly basis, gradually reducing as the condition improves, after which clients may like to return on a monthly basis as a preventative measure.

After the treatment it is recommended that you drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins released by the treatment.


•  Intoxication - alcohol/drugs

•  Infectious diseases/colds, fever/influenza

•  Pregnancy during the first three months.

•  Verrucas must be covered.

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